A Typical Week with Lauren

*Spoil Alert* If you’d like a shortened version of this blog post, then check out my resume: Lauren Rautenkranz

When a new week rolls around, I tend to have a case of the “Mondays” because I know what lies ahead — another busy, nonstop, hectic schedule! However, I don’t mean to sound so pessimistic. I absolutely love what I do and I wouldn’t change my crazy life for anything. It’s just that I know how booked my planner can get, but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

In my senior year of college, I’ve realized that my time here at UF as an undergrad is slowly, but surely, winding down. Pretty soon Fall semester will be wrapping up and Spring semester will be knocking down my door. I adore Fall semesters! This time around, I’m busier than ever. On top of maintaining straight A’s, there’s all of the wonderful extracurricular activities I’m involved in. Oh, and you can’t forget about football season!


Basically, I try to do it all. I don’t sleep until my work is done, and more. Tuesdays I anchor weather for WUFT News. Thursdays I one-man-band report for WUFT News. Fridays I main anchor the WUFT newscast. In between all of that, I am a forecaster for WRUF, president of UF’s chapter of the National Broadcasting Society, microphone girl for the Gator Hotline radio show, …and I try to have a life. Again, I try to have a life (outside of my Journalism college). The hard part is that since I’m at Weimer Hall so often, nearly all of my best friends are telecom students as well. I know what you’re thinking. Tough life, right? Not really. I’m being completely sarcastic! Although, life can get busy and schedules are always packed, I am so happy knowing that I’m doing what I love.


This week was fantastic. Monday started off with class: Listening and Small Group Communication. They’re fun and actually a bit therapeutic. Who knew?! I then ordered my college class ring. WOW! This was a bit of a reality check for me and was yet another reminder that graduation is upon me. Tuesday started off with a long, morning run around Gainesville. There’s no better way for me to start my day! My weather anchoring shift was that afternoon. The show was a train wreck due to major technical issues, but I still felt like I rocked my forecast and had a blast doing so. I snuck in dinner with my little brother at Tijuana Flats for Taco Tuesday as well. I always have to make time for family!


Tuesday evening I was in Weimer for an NBS meeting. Wednesday, I woke up early to work on my website. Then, I went to my classes and was even able to squeeze a much-needed grocery shopping trip into my day. I was in Weimer, once again, for another NBS meeting that lasted late into the night. Thursday started off early because I had to get into the newsroom for my TV3 (one-man-band) reporting shift! I was assigned a heart-warming, feature story to cover about Habitat for Humanity of Marion County. Then, I stayed after the newscast to host an NBS event for CBS Photojournalist, Les Rose.


This morning I woke up and it was finally Friday, which meant a morning of classes and an afternoon of main anchoring for WUFT’s 5:00 newscast. Today, I even fit in another early morning library session to continue revamping my website and a promo taping for the UF Homecoming Parade, which I am hosting this year! After the 5:00 newscast, I stuck around Weimer to chat with Les Rose some more and wish him safe travels back to Los Angeles. Afterwards, I went home, made delicious tacos for dinner, and am now enjoying my big, comfy couch.


You see, the way I look at it is you can either complain about everything you have to do, or you can smile and make the most out of every opportunity. I’ve learned to roll with the punches, turn worries into blessings, and think nothing but positive thoughts. Not to get all philosophical here, but the truth is that you only get one shot at life. Give it all you got! Growing up, my dad always told me to “lead, follow, or get out of the way.” He’s right. You should love what you do, accept any and every opportunity with open arms, thank those who give you those opportunities, and don’t ever hold back.


Take Me Out to the Ball Game

Baseball is one of my favorite sports. It’s a great American pastime that brings people together from all over the world. The team I’m always rooting for are the Tampa Bay Rays. I’ve been a fan since they became an approved franchise as the Tampa Bay Devil Rays in 1995. I enjoyed sporting their purple and green team colors as a kindergartener.


Years ago, the team decided dropped the ‘Devil’ from their name and are now known as the Tampa Bay Rays. I still support them to this day and enjoy spending afternoons in ‘The Trop.’


Although the Rays haven’t earned a World Series title quite yet, I know they’ll make it one year. However, the St. Louis Cardinals have landed a spot in this year’s World Series. They defeated the Dodgers last night. The team the Cardinals will play in the upcoming series is still to be announced. But… GO RAYS! 🙂


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My Debut on WRUF

I hate to simply say ‘a lot has happened since I’ve last blogged,’ but these past couple of weeks have really been a whirlwind for me. On top of my normal schedule (and the extra tasks that always seem to add on), I reached an exciting milestone for my weather forecasting career. I made my debut on WRUF-TV 6 Weather.


About WRUF: “WRUF-TV is operated as a part of the suite of media properties at the University of Florida’s College of Journalism & Communications. With a state of the art high definition digital over the air signal WRUF-TV is broadcast on channel 10 on FCC television license WRUF-LD in a 30-45 mile radius covering a population of more than 250,000. In addition WRUF-TV is broadcast on Cox cable channel 6 in Gainesville and Alachua county serving more than 50,000 households via cable.”

This channel runs 24/7 with weather updates airing every 10 minutes on the 6’s. I am so excited to gain every ounce of experience I can while I am still in college. To me, WRUF is the perfect opportunity for me. Since my very first debut on this channel, I’ve taped on two other separate occasions. I was on WRUF for the overnight hours Wednesday and I also woke up to my tapings this Saturday morning! It’s surreal and somewhat odd to see myself on TV, but I secretly feel like a little child on Christmas morning because I know I’m living my dream.


My next feat will be to anchor the Mornings Live program on WRUF, which is live weather forecasting from 7:00 to 9:00 AM on weekdays. First of all, I love live television. Second, this is great for me to really learn how to connect with viewers who are starting their morning. I love helping people prepare for the day and forecasting allows me to do just that!


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Lauren Conrad engaged to boyfriend William Tell

Every girl has someone they always look up to while growing up. For me, my two idols were Katie Couric and Lauren Conrad. Katie Couric is the reason I believe in great storytelling and journalism, which is what I’m striving to pursue as a career. On the other hand, I grew up watching Lauren Conrad on MTV’s famous reality shows “Laguna Beach” and “The Hills.” These show aired at a critical point in my life. I was going through middle and high school, which is when I began to really learn more about myself – my style, my personality, my relationships with friends.

This weekend I realized how fast life moves. The 15-year old girl I watched grow up through the television is no longer a teenager. I own clothes and shoes from her fashion line. I follow her online blog. Now, she’s now engaged to her boyfriend, William Tell. She posted a picture of the gorgeous, yet simple diamond ring on her blog Sunday. Conrad wrote that she was “beyond thrilled.”

Some people may not think this is a big deal. Yes, another celebrity is engaged. However, this made me realize that I’m growing up! Time flies. Before I know it I’ll be graduating college, searching for my first job, and eventually *down the road* starting my own family, just like Conrad. Life moves so quickly. Sometimes you just need to slow down and smell the roses! I’m extremely happy for Conrad and I cannot wait to watch this couple’s happily ever after unfold.


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Internet Addiction: The New Clinical Disorder?

The Internet — everyone is connected to it in some way or another these days, but would you ever consider it a danger to your well being? Just as people can abuse illegal substances, the Internet can be a trap for those susceptible to addictions. Here’s my story I turned in for my investigative reporting class on the emergence of what seems to be the new clinical disorder.

I chose to blog about this video because I feel like this is a serious issue in our country, and around the world. I worked very hard on this project and had to dig into a lot of information that I had no previous knowledge on beforehand. Enjoy!