Basketball and Grandparents

Weekends are something I always look forward to. Friday night through Sunday is a great time for me to unwind from the busy week. I especially look forward to weekends when I have plans for family to come visit this wonderful university in Gainesville. This weekend, my grandparents came into town for a quick visit. My brother and I got them four Gator basketball tickets for Christmas and yesterday’s game was finally the big day!


The O’Connell Center was packed. Over 12,000 fans filled the arena covered in orange and blue. The game was great and when the clock ran out the Gators were on top! However, my favorite part of the entire day was being able to look over to my side and see the grin on my Papa’s face. He has always told us how much he has wanted to go to a Gator basketball game. I’m so happy my brother and I were able to do that for both my grandfather and my grandmother! We cheered and laughed the entire time. Little moments like this are what make life so special! I’m so thankful to have this memory with them. More than anything, I’m so thankful to have such wonderful grandparents in my life! Family is the best.


I hope your weekend was great! Rest up today and have a fantastic week, too!


Busy, busy, busy

Wow! Days and weeks can just slip right out of your hands, can’t they? I cannot believe it’s already more than halfway into the month of January! Things are going well and I’m really enjoying this semester’s schedule. I’m in the newsroom every single day, which is fun! Here’s a shot of my co-anchor and I on our first WUFT News at Six live newscast. Have a happy Wednesday!


You, too, can watch WUFT News at Six anywhere with this link. I’ll be on again tonight…and every Monday through Friday!

Beginning to an end

It’s here! My last semester of college has arrived and the first week has already flown by. My schedule is jam packed, but I couldn’t be more excited about what’s to come. The future looks bright and I always start the day with a smile on my face!

This semester, I have many different opportunities within my college. I’m anchoring WRUF Mornings Live for weather every Wednesday mornings. It’s an early shift, but I don’t mind getting up before the sun on days I get to go into the weather center. I’m also a feature reporter for WUFT News. It’s a class called TV4, but I am allowed to create local features on my schedule and work on my unique journalism craft. As UF’s National Broadcasting Society‘s president, I will be traveling to Los Angeles for the national convention in March and planning multiple events for GatorNBS members this semester.

My biggest commitment this semester, however, is main anchoring the new, flagship newscast for WUFT News at 6:00PM Monday through Friday. The college wanted to have a consistent set of anchors, with the same producers and directors. This way, we can really help brand WUFT and also develop our on-air personality. I am extremely grateful for this opportunity. My jaw dropped when I was asked if I’d like to be one of the two main anchors. This really is a dream come true and it will be fun to get in the groove of having a “job” every day of the week.


Besides spending my days in Weimer Hall, I do plan on having a life outside of the College of Journalism and Communications. I will enjoy spending time with my boyfriend, my friends, and my kitten, Maci. If you were wondering, she’s growing so quickly and is such a healthy, happy girl! I’m also very excited about my new double decker cupcake holder, so everyone can expect lots of baked goods this semester. I’ll continue to run miles and miles to #1 stay in shape and #2 keep myself sane. I made sure to keep Monday and Tuesday nights free, so I can indulge in The Bachelor and New Girl. Don’t judge… 😉


Simply put, I’m just taking every day as it comes and loving every second of my last semester as a college student. What a beautiful beginning to an end it’s been thus far!