Life as a Mrs.

BLISS [blis]: (noun) 1. supreme happiness; utter joy or contentment

I’ve been asked a lot, “What’s married life like?” or “How are you doing?” I usually reply with a simple, “Oh, it’s wonderful!” or “It’s great! Thanks!” Truthfully, there’s a lot more to it.

Yes, my life always seems to be crazy… nonstop… fast-moving… and stressful-at-times, but the bliss I’ve felt since our wedding day is something that will never wear no matter my mood, situation or circumstance.


I’ve known for a long, LONG time that Ryan was “the one” and he’s made me the happiest girl since “day one.” However, hearing him recite his personal vows… having our closest friends and family all together in the same room… placing the gold ring on his finger… something just, well, clicked. This man is MINE forever!


Everything about our wedding day was perfect; the weather, the decor, the flowers, the music, the speeches and the company. Like everyone told us it would, August 29 FLEW by… but with flying colors!


At the end of the big hoo-rah (the rehearsal, the wedding day, the honeymoon cruise) we have some incredible pictures to always go back and relive our special day. So we’ll sometimes find ourselves sitting on the couch, smiling ear-to-ear for no reason… just the two of us… and it’s complete bliss.

Now, of course, we’re back to reality. We check the mail and there are no longer wedding cards, but instead bills to pay. We sit on our computers not to search for wedding vendors, but to study for exams and work. We eat well and workout (try to… ha ha) not so I can fit into my wedding dress or he can look good in his suit, but instead so we can live long, healthy lives. And while this so-called reality might sound dull, it really isn’t all that bad (I promise)!! 😉


My job – meteorology and feature reporting – is my passion so the alarm clock doesn’t make me grumpy. I have an amazing weather team at WECT, who had my back while I was away doing bride-things in Florida. They are a fun group and we work well together, which makes my weeks a little brighter – despite the cloudy, rainy forecasts lately…


There’s also this sweet thing (above). Yes, Ryan and I have become puppy parents. We’ve been cat people for our entire lives, but fell in love when we met Maya. She gives us a reason to smile on the gloomiest of days and has shown us nothing but unconditional love since she’s officially become ours. We are now questioning why we never adopted a pooch sooner! Oh, and if you’re wondering how queen Maci is faring with a dog…


Well, they’ll be best friends before we know it. Life is good. Life is bliss!!