Chopping down our Christmas tree!

Since we’ve been married, Ryan and I love continuing family traditions but we also love making traditions of our own – especially since it’s our first holiday season as Mr. and Mrs.

Growing up in south Florida (or Florida, in general), our Christmas trees either came in a box, were purchased in a parking lot OR were palm trees decorated with sparkly lights.

This year, we decided to do things a little differently.


So, with the higher latitude came higher expectations. We were going to chop down our own Christmas tree and it was going to be AWESOME.

And yes, the experience proved just that. After an hour to Duplin County (we are in New Hanover County on the coast), we ended up at a tree farm that did not have trees ready for chopping.

Disappointed, but keeping our eye on the prize, we then ended up in Cumberland County – A Fayetteville spot called B & D Christmas Tree Farm. If you’re wondering, this trip was so worth the drive!



We were greeted with smiling faces and handed a measuring pole to price the tree, plus a saw to chop… our… tree. YES!

After quite some time walking the farm and sizing up the specimens, we found the perfect tree.

And just like that, we chopped down our very own Christmas tree… a memory that I will never forget!


The tree now sits in our living room and we’ll enjoy it for as long as we can because WE chopped it down for our first Christmas as Mr. and Mrs. (and of course the puppy had to help, too)!


Happy holidays, everyone!!


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