A very merry Christmas

Another holiday season has come and gone… Can you believe it?

This one was extra special not only because it was our first as Mr. and Mrs., but Ryan and I were also able to host my parents and grandparents in our own home in our favorite little beach town.


During December, Wilmington afternoons typically run into the mid-50s and the nights usually drop into the mid-30s. The one year… the ONE year… we’re able to have Christmas somewhere other than the Sunshine State, the entire East Coast is experiencing the WARMEST December 25 on record.


It seems as if the Floridians brought the heat up with them.

ILM Airport hit 79° on Christmas Eve, which broke the 78° record from 1879; 80° on Christmas Day, which broke the 77° record from 1955; and 79° on December 27, which broke the 77° record from 1875!

Records in Wilmington only go back to 1874, so today’s (Dec. 27) 140-year-old record is about as old as what can possibly be broken here! INSANE! Right?

And if you thought the warm weather was the only thing unusual, think again. For 2015, Wilmington is STILL about 14.50″ ABOVE normal for yearly precipitation. Thanks, El Nino.

Back to my family’s visit…

We decorated Christmas cookies (even though we only have evidence of us eating them…), played card games around the kitchen table, opened gifts and laughed for hours, took the puppy to the beach, soaked up the cool AC while watching the Family Feud marathon on TV, spent time on the Cape Fear River downtown and simply enjoyed one another’s company.


I also worked a couple of days while they were here, but of course I have the greatest co-workers who help make working around holidays seem like a piece of cake!


Oh, and did you see the FULL MOON? It was the first one to rise on Christmas Day since 1977. The next one? Yep, it won’t be until 2034.

I loved how the skies cleared just enough for all of us to stand outside and admire it for a while! It’s the little things…


Well, all good things have to come to an end… At least that’s what everyone tells me.

Is anyone else terrible at goodbyes? I always try to remember to instead say, “See you soon!”

It’s hard.


They’re so far away – physically – but the memories we always make together mean so much more. Even though they’re back in FL and the wrapping paper and presents are all put away, my home feels a little happier thanks to their visit.


Ryan and I are so blessed – for family, good health, our jobs, our fur babies and every day we get to see the sunshine. I get lost when thinking of all of the amazing things that happened in 2015 and we’re both looking forward to see what 2016 has to offer!


I say it every year, but life truly gets sweeter with time… especially because of the people I have by my side, near and far.

I hope you had a very merry Christmas. I know I sure did and it’s one I will never forget.

I wish you nothing but the best for the New Year. Cheers!

XOXO – Lauren


2 thoughts on “A very merry Christmas

  1. Lauren that was beautiful. You really are lucky to have had your parents and Grandparents with you for these beautiful memories. Happy New Year!

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