Woah, life! Woah. Slow down!

First things first, my apologies for neglecting to blog in over a year. Life has been, well kinda-sorta-absolutely insane! All in a good way, of course. Where do I start?


So, I have fallen in love with Wilmington and North Carolina. I love the people, the beaches, the sights and sounds. Living in Florida my entire life, ‘winter’ to me consisted of two weeks of 50 degrees with a wind chill of maybe 40 (that’s even pushing it for South Florida!). That’s a lot different in NC for starters. There’s still the half-day road trip home, which is tough because I love and miss my family to pieces. Overall, good ol’ Wilm is feeling more and more like ‘home’ each and every day. Alsooo, things have changed as far as what sits on my left hand’s ring finger…engagementAbout a year ago, my wonderful high school sweetheart dropped to one knee under Johnnie Mercer’s Pier and asked me to marry him! We’ll be officially tying the knot later at the end of August back home in FL. We’ve moved into our first place together, he graduated from college and started his career here in Wilmington. Despite the craziness of moving, traveling, working full time, planning for a wedding and continuing to study for my Masters degree… I think it’s safe to say life is pretty sweet.

schoolI am absolutely head over heels for my job, as I have always been. School visits and station tours with our younger generations really ignite the fire in me to continue to strive to be my very best. It reminds me of my mother and how incredible of a teacher she has been to so many 3rd graders for 30 years! It’s my way of giving back and any chance to do it I jump on the opportunity. There’s also the typical forecasting for sunshine and 75 degrees, which I love, but I’m so thankful to be given many opportunities to track severe weather in Wilmington and help keep our community safe during dangerous situations. I love getting out to events, farmer’s markets, etc… whatever it is to help me learn more about the area and meet new faces!

tttBut then I meet people like Greyson, Mr. Rob and Mr. Daniel (pictured above) who completely change your perspective on life. My Tuesdays seriously haven’t been the same since I met these pals. Trash Truck Tuesday is one of my favorite stories I’ve been able to tell to date. Love, compassion and care for others — THIS is why I love journalism. Sharing the happy moments and spreading the smiles makes coming to work so joyful. I encourage you to watch their story if you’re curious to know what I’m ranting and raving about! 🙂

hurricaneAnywho, I just wanted this post to serve as a “hello” and I’m still here hoping to blog ‘Life with Lauren’ with you all. It’s just amazing how fast life moves, especially during such excitement! You can always keep in touch via Facebook and watch my stories / forecasts on YouTube. Chat with you soon… Cheers!!


Life in Wilmington

I moved to Wilmington, North Carolina this past Saturday and began my career today. I accepted a position in May as WECT-TV’s new Meteorologist/Reporter. I love the job, people, and city. Life is great! Here are some pictures to tell my story, since I need to get some sleep. I’m a working woman now!

IMG_8631 IMG_8660 IMG_8718 IMG_8722 IMG_8750 IMG_8762 IMG_8802 IMG_8804 IMG_8807 IMG_8809 IMG_8812